Tips For Leading Your Visitors Through A Sales Process

The world of marketing is constantly changing and it is going to be your job as the business owner to take the next step and do what it takes to get people to see and engage with your business.  For many years people have been using signs, sky writing, billboards and even people dressed up in chicken suits twirling signs for money to get people into a business.  These are great and they worked in their day, however, people are now in need of a little more hand holding.  For this reason, floor graphics are starting to become very popular and are used in many advertising campaigns.

Large areas

One reason that these graphics are popular is because you can fill your entire floor with your graphic.  From the moment that your visitor or customer comes into your establishment they will be engaging with your graphic.

Since you can use a large area for your graphic, you can have footprints, giant arrows and other triggers that will guide them.  You are only going to be limited by the size of your floor.

Color and patterns are limitless

floor graphics

When creating your graphics, you are limited only to your imagination.  If you are running a business that sells cars, you can have a racetrack graphic on your floor.  If you are running a toy store, you can easily have pictures of characters, large play areas and so much more.


These graphics are also durable.  Since they are applied to the floor in a variety of different ways they can stand up to the foot traffic and other stresses and strains you put on your floor.  When cleaning your floors, you will still be able to use the same cleaning process as before so there is really no downside to using these graphics in your advertising and marketing.